Buena Vista Auction - The Roaring 20's in 2020


In Person Auction Party is Cancelled. 

All items are online and close tonight at 7:00PM.  

Previously Live Items are the only Items you can not currently bid on.  Those will be live in the Catalog tomorrow, Sunday March 15 from 5:00 - 6:00PM!

All are welcome to set up your online bidding account by clicking Log In.  Then visit the Catalog to view, favorite items and bid.  Remember ALL item proceeds are direct donations to BV PTA benefiting the children, staff and community of Buena Vista so bid often and you can even share this link with friends and family.


AWESOME FEATURE:  Set it and Forget it!

You can now set your MAX bid for any item.  If you are bidding against others it will jump to the amount necessary to outbid the other bidders MAX bids on its own but will never exceed your MAX bid.  IT DOES NOT just jump to your MAX bid, it will only go to your MAX bid if it is required to outbid all other bidders.  



If you are bidding on Teacher Treats they are all Super Secret Bidder which means you place 1 bid of the max you are willing to pay at or above the minimum bid requirement.  No one can see who or what has been bid for that item.  Once the auction is closed the top bid/s will be awarded the Teacher Treat and notified by the auction software once our auction team has confirmed your child is eligible to win the prize (in that class/grade).


For technical questions please contact Amy Maggiore at amymariemaggiore@gmail.com.

For overall questions or comments contact Christina Conroy at christinaannconroy@gmail.com


Presented by the PTA

Platium Sponsor (Sponsoring Teacher Complimentary Attendance)

Jason Bonelli, Remax Agent and BV Dad  925.330.1450


12:00 AM February 26, 2020
8:00 PM March 14, 2020